Class Descriptors

Don't believe what you've heard about teacher X or class Y. This is the one and only place to find out all you need to know about any given IB class. I'll try to get all the classes up here eventually.

Courses Taken: Math 10H, Math 20IB, Math 30IB, Math 31IB
Common Teachers: In Grade 10, there was Mr.Marks who quit after 2 classes. Then there was Madame Yeo who had not graduated from University; we drove her insane and she was forced to teach in a Junior High School. Then Mr.McGuire was brought out of retirement to tell us stories about insane mathematicians and Alice in Wonderland. After Grade 10 you'll get Sabourin and Barry for the frenchies, Williams and some other people for the english kids.
Course Summary: Math tries to lure you in with relatively easy grade 10 classes but do not be tricked! You'll go from doing your french homework in Math in grade 10 to doing your Math homework in French (and social studies, and chem and physics and english...). If you'd don't study, you'll be lucky to pull through with the 40% you'll need so that your mark gets standardized up to 80%.

Courses Taken: Science 10HA, Science 10HB, Chem 25IB, Chem 35IB, Chem 30IB
Common teachers: In Grade 10, you'll get a grand variety of teachers who will try and thrust the values of Stoiciometry upon you. Wobick taught much of 25IB before calling us his worst class ever and retiring. Datta or McManus will handle Grade 12.
Course Summary: In Chemistry, you'll learn lots of fun little things from people who actually celebrate Mole Day. In Chemistry, you'll do lots of labs and unfortunantly lots of lab write ups. You'll also do the Group 4 project which has nothing to do with "4" whatsoever seeing as how it is done by the 3 sciences and most groups will have 12 or so people in them. Nevertheless, the Group 4 project is a great opportunity to learn how to work with other science disciplines...for 15 minutes while you chose a topic. After that, you will not speak with the other science people ever again.

Courses Taken: English 10H, English 20IB, English 30IB, English 35IB
Common Teachers: In Grade 10, there was Miller who promptly declared us her worst class ever and retired (notice a pattern here?). After that, expect Kelly, Buckingham or Flynn.
Course Summary: A typical English class which would start at 1:05 is as follows:
1. 1:05-1:10 : People write really weird things on the board such as caricatures of Leon Trotsky or quotes from obscure books.
2. 1:10 : Mr.Kelly enters.
3. 1:11 : Someone asks Mr.Kelly a completely off topic question and we enter in a 20 minute discussion on why Tess of the d'Urbervilles "sucks".
4. 1:26 : Aksel leaves to go to the bathroom.
5. 1:31 : We finally get back on topic and begin discussing a novel.
6. 1:32 : Nizar makes a weird comment regarding the novel and the next 30 minutes are spent telling him why he is wrong.
7. 1:55 : Aksel returns from the bathroom and promptly falls asleep.
8. 2:01 : We finally get back on topic.
9. 2:02 : Jeremy and/or Kyle get into a discussion with Mr.Kelly regarding grammar.
10. 2:15 : Class ends.

Theory of Knowledge
Courses Taken: Theory of Knowledge
Common teachers: Mr.Kelly
Course Summary: By far the most (if not only) interesting IB course. You will get out of 2 or 3 classes a week to discuss "horseness" and whether or not a cat can be "neither dead or alive". The one thing to keep in mind is that people will always be ready to argue. For example, Mr.Kelly will put up arguments "for" and "against" a certain point and Nizar will claim that he disagrees with all of them. Often someone will make the mistake of starting a sentence out by saying: "the thing we can all agree on". This will lead to hours of arguing.

Courses Taken: N/A
Common teachers: N/A
Course Summary: Spare is by far the most wonderful time of the day for those in IB lucky enough to get one. For full IB, only the french kids will get a spare and this will lead to much jealousy on the part of the english full IB's. Spare is usually spent in the library hiding slurpies from Conan, ready SI's or YM's depending on your preference, arguing over who is greater, or writting little one line stories (I'll be sure to get it up here sometime).

History (AKA: The life of Leon Trotsky)
Courses Taken: History 10H, History 20IB, History 35IB, History 30IB
Common teachers: Dilworth and Fortin for the french side. Stockton for the english.
Course Summary: From what I have heard, the English History class consists of people entering the class and being yelled at for not working or working too hard. The French History class is made of up certain individuals discussing the life and times of everyone's favourite liberator of the people: Leon Trotsky. You will also be required to write a memoire for this class which is like a mini-extended essay. 3000 more words to do over semester break.

Courses Taken: Science 10HB, Physics 20IB, Physics 30IB
Common teachers: Nixon and Karbashewski (like that spelling is even remotely right)
Course Summary: Get our while you still can! Do not take this class! You will have to calculate forces of electricty on magnetics which are being hurled through a neutron star while being accelated by... Alright, maybe Physics isn't that bad but it's a lot of calculations of useless stuff. For example, you textbook will have one question as follows: "A hunter is standing 10 M away from a monkey with a bow and arrow. As he shoots the monkey, the money drops from the branch to avoid getting hit. Why did the monkey make the wrong choice?". For pleasantries like this and some, umm, "high quality" videos, take Physics.

Courses Taken: Science 10HA, Bio 20IB, Bio 30IB
Common teachers: Webster and co.
Course Summary: While I have never had the overwhelming urge to be a bio geek, many people have which explains the popularity of Biology. I imagine you go through the usual procedure of disecting eyeballs, hearts, brains, zebras, large intestines but I really have no idea since I have never taken the class. Racing cow eyeballs down the stairs appears to be the highlight of the course.

Courses Taken: 10H, 20IB, 30IB for the Français people. 20, 30, 31A and 31B for the French people.
Common teachers: Dilworth, Bergerman, Cote...
Course Summary: My view on Français is that it's a neccesary evil to get you your spare and IB diploma at the same time. You really don't do much except debate Trotsky (I know. I don't understand it either) and, in the case of 20IB, watch "R" rated french films. You will also have to make a "dossier" which is really just 20 or so social essays you print off the night before your IB oral.

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