Dan's Mass E-Mail

Well I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that my Bio TA doesn't visit this web site too often and thus it should be OK for me to post my mass e-mails up here. Yes, I know almost everyone who visits this site has already gotten them (and if you want to get on the list, just e-mail me) but one of the advantages of free web space is that you can put all sorts of crap on it that no one will ever read. So, read on and be amazed by Dan's mass e-mail:

The Originals: It all started when a naive first year Biology student walked into the lair of pure evil (AKA Science A 238). Read about Dan's misfortunes in these first 7 instalments as he suffers through an evil Bio TA, curses his evil Bio TA and talks in the third person.

After the TA Bitch: While I've figuratively thrown a bucket of water on Erin in my life, her memory lives on in these 2001 mass e-mails. This set includes the ever popular, "How to write a mass e-mail" editions.

Summer 2001: What lies in store for Dan during this summer? Who knows.....or maybe the better question is: Who cares?

Dan Does Jury Duty: What on earth are Canadian courts thinking leting this individual in on the law making process?

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