Guys and Grad

Lately, it has become more and more difficult to navigate through the crowded hallways of Western without hearing a group of girls discussing their brand new grad dresses. I'll admit that I am baffled to find the same people who write two thousand word essays the night before they are due, buying these dresses over a hundred days before grad. It seems to me, and to the bulk of the guys out there, that this obsession with grad dresses as well as grad in general is just a tad unhealthy. I have never seen a group of guys sitting around Western discussing what tuxes or suits to buy for grad, although once you picture the conversation, you can imagine why:
"So, I'm thinking about going with black for my suit. How about you?"
"Yup, black sounds good to plan on having two arms on yours?"
The fact is that all the guys grad garments are exactly the same, an idea no doubt thought up by a female with the view that, since all males are the same, they may as well be dressed the same too.

Nevertheless, girls still find it strange that we are not prepared to look at grad clothes for hours upon hours in YM before going grad shopping, an idea about as appealing to most guys as riding a bicycle which has lost it's seat down a bumpy road. I conservatively estimate that most grade 12 females have spent an average of 17 hours preparing for grad while the average time for guys cannot be over 38 seconds. You see, guys simply find that those 17 hours can be better spent watching football, hockey or any other violent sport than for trying on pretty dresses (although to be fair, I am sure there are some guys who thoroughly enjoy putting on pretty dresses).

Personally, I blame this grad craze on the many magazines out there which tell girls they must constantly think of grad for the 5 months leading up to it. I have never once seen a sports illustrated where the members of the Calgary Flames were modeling the latest tuxes in the goal of getting guys in the mood for grad shopping. So to every grade 12 guy out there: Do not feel ashamed that you are not spending every waking hour obsessing over grad. Your time will be much better spent thinking of clever new ways to steer your classmates' conversations away from grad.

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