You Know Youíre in IB When

The math department is giving away their old texts -- free! You participate in a stampede to the discards table and fight to get the best ones... And are bitterly disappointed when you don't get the pamphlet on conics or the text on Euclidean Geometry. Oh well... I suppose the eight you did cart off will hold you for now...
The Physics departement is cheap. They sell their old textbooks. But then, you don't really need to buy lunch this week, do you?
3 words: "Calculus is Cool!"
3 more: "Time Dilation is fun!"
And finally: "If I had been stuck without power in an ice storm, I would have built my own generator!"
You have a laboratory in your bedroom. You have a bed in your laboratory. =)
You'll do yourself bodily harm for the sake of a Macbeth English presentation.
You know at least 15 digits of pi. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097...
You celebrate pi day (3/14), mole day (10/23), and pi approximation day (22/7 (d/m), as 22/7 is very close to pi.)
You chant pi over candles on pi day, and follow up with a rousing chorus of pi day songs.
You own more than 3 calculators.
You know the chemical formula for TNT.
You know what TNT stands for.
You find Mr. Kellyís jokes funny.
You find hydrogen iodide rather funny too.
You get hit by a car, and the first thing you think is: "inertia!"
You have a favourite element.
When you first saw the compound AsF5 , you thought: cool!
You know why AsF5 is 'cool', but realize that in actual fact it's really not so unusual or cool at all.
You've taken your SATs, even though you're not planning on going to school in the U.S.
You've taken your PSATs, even though they're not needed to take your SATs (which you will be taking even you're not planning on going to school in the U.S.)
You've paid money to take a test or tests.
Over the summer, you felt it necessary to "get in some culture", and attended several performances of "Shakespeare in the Park".
You are intimately familiar with the physics of Star Trek.
You amuse yourself coming up with / finding real-life proportionalities, such as "The amount of butter on the toast is directly proportional to the value of the carpet." or "The masichism of the student is directly proportional to the number of I.B. courses taken."
Realizing I'm probably not talking about moles, you are disturbed by the use of 'amount' in the above proportionality.
You feel incredibly rested after 7 1/2 hours of sleep.
Your backpack is so full, you can't turn around on the bus without hitting someone over the head.
You know "1984" and "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" by heart even though youíve never read either of them.
Youíve alphabetized your CDís
Youíve pawned off A-H in your CD collection to buy Coles notes.
You scream uncontrollably if someone mentions the Russian Revolution or the French Revolution outside of school.
Youíve noticed at least 10 grammatical and spelling errors on this web site and itís driving you crazy.
You identify with one or more of the above.

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