Mad Ramblings of a Physics Student

Well the one good thing about Physics IB is that it has made Physics 221 a joke. And since I refuse to be a delinquent like Aarthi and skip out on the class, I have to find other ways to entertain myself in class. So by all means enjoy the poetry, baldy's sayings, and various other things which keep me occupied in class.


Mr.Moazzen-Ahmadi's Poem
Physics is my life
Physics is great
I love Physics

Cora's Poem
I am angry
I want to shout at someone
I am angry

Aarthi's Poem
I am a delinquent
I am irresponsible
I blame my problems on peer pressure

Mike's Poem
I see a duck
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck
Look at the duck

Logical Sylogism

Galileo disliked stupid people
Matt is stupid
Therefore, Galileo disliked Matt

The Physics Song

raw-raw-raw Physics!

Top 10 (give or take) Mr.Moazzen Ahmadi sayings

When he's not throwing candies wildly with the accuracy of Mitch Williams, Mr.Moazzen Ahmadi takes the time to teach us wonderful things in Physics. So, here bellow, from the home office in Science Theater 141 (or whatever the room number is) are the top 10 things baldy himself has said this year. I'll keep adjusting the list as new sayings become worthy of being featured here:

13. Never ever put a vector sign here or mathematicians will go MAD!
12. We are done with vectors (before teaching us vectors for another two classes)
11. It's Galileo's fault we have Physics
10. We can draw a graph to make it more boring (ed. note: as if that's possible)
9. There is a physics student throwing up...a ball.
8. The rest is just the same thing, except it's done differently.
7. Everything is exactly the same except...
6. Does anyone have a chicken feather with them?
5. This is an ideal system. Of course ideal systems don't really exist.
4. Cows are spheres
3. 4 + 6 = 10. That's nice.
2. It is nice to have air.
1. Imagine the earth as an onion
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